Pamphobeteus antinuous
-Steely Blue Leg

Common Names: Steely Blue Leg | Bolivian Blue Leg

Adult Size: BIG 18 to 22cm

Type: New World Terrestrial / Opportunistic Burrower

Growth Rate: Fast

Temperament: Calm but skittish. Good display Tarantula.

Lifespan: Females (12 to 15 years) | Males (3 to 4 years

Origin: Bolivia / Peru

Recommended Climate: 24-26°C (Summer), 20-22°C (Winter)

Recommended Humidity: 65-75%

Basic Enclosure Requirements: Terrestrial setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in horizontal space, 10cm to 15cm of substrate with a shelter and a water dish.

Photo Credit: Please contact us / Unknown

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Scientific Name: Pamphobeteus antinuous

Common Names: Steely Blue Leg | Bolivian Blue Leg

Pamphobeteus are true giants, very impressive and rewarding tarantulas to keep. Although pretty laid back for their size, this spider is bold and will gladly stand it’s ground if it’s in the mood. Its will eventually get defensive and flick urticating bristles or even throw a threat pose if annoyed enough. As always, get to know your specific tarantula.

Females are slightly boring with a velvety brown to black with olive and pinkish bristles/hairs on the legs and reddish bristles/hairs on the abdomen. Males on the other hand represent the common name of this tarantula with shiny blue and black coloration on the femurs, fangs and carapace, as well as metallic copper and brass finishes here and there.

Happy to sit out in the open for all to see, they make a good display tarantula. A little skittish and defensive as youngsters, raising their abdomen/opisthosoma up in the air to look bigger and more threatening as a defense. However, they mellow with age and become large slow-moving monsters.


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