Who we are

Xenesthis immanis - Colombian Lesser Black
Xenesthis immanis – Colombian Lesser Black

mymonsters.co.za has been created as a hobby website by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and that’s exactly what we are, enthusiasts willing to share any knowledge we can that will help fellow enthusiasts in any way possible.

mymonsters.co.za is not a professional business.

This website is intended as a quick-reference for general information relating to exotic creatures, mainly tarantulas and their husbandry for hobbyists, collectors and enthusiasts and as a place to buy these creatures and any related products available for sale when available.

We definitely don’t know it all, so we are simply sharing what we know from our own experience in keeping or collecting these exotic creatures. So if you have anything to contribute, by all means, get in touch with us.

Please note: We are not offering any information, products or services under the guise of being biologists or experts in any field. We’re hobbyists and enthusiasts, just like anyone else.

So why do it then?

Why not? The information and experience we gather as humans is only valuable when it’s put in to action or shared with others and we happen to have the time and energy to build a website for all to use and enjoy freely. So go ahead and enjoy!

Photography & Images

We would love to take all our own pictures, especially because one of us is a professional photographer, but we don’t have access to every species out there so it becomes almost impossible.

Also, it’s really hard to find copyright and royalty free images of all tarantulas and exotic creatures online, so we encourage you to share your images with us and we’ll credit your image accordingly – should your images be used on our website.

If you see any images that are not licensed or wish to help us in anyway, please get in touch with us.

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If you would like to help us by submitting images that we can use to make our catalog more complete, please use this form to submit your image.