Tliltocatl vagans
-Mexican Red Rump

Previously: Brachypelma vagans

Adult Size: 14 to 16cm

Type: New World, Terrestrial

Growth Rate: Medium

Temperament:  Generally docile, but can be cheeky. Good display tarantula.

Lifespan: Females (18 to 20 years) | Males (4 to 5 years)

Origin: Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala

Recommended Climate: 25-27°C (Summer), 20-22°C (Winter)

Recommended Humidity: 60-65%.

Basic Enclosure Requirements: Terrestrial setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in horizontal space, 5cm to 10cm of substrate with a shelter and a water dish.

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Scientific Name: Tliltocatl vagans

Previously: Brachypelma vagans

Common names: Mexican Red Rump | Red Rump Tarantula

Great for beginners. The velvet black appearance with it’s hairy red rump make this a very attractive tarantula. They burrow a lot when young, but once they become juveniles, they start hanging out in the open, making this a great display tarantula. Of all the Brachypelma / Tliltocatl species, this one tends to have a little more fight than the others, making it a little more bold, ready to stand and face whatever is bothering it, so take care.

They are very terrestrial and spend a lot of time in the open, which is one of the reasons this species of tarantula is so popular to keepers. Even though they spend so much time in the open, don’t deprive them of a shelter, which they will use when feeling threatened or stressed – but will usually spend very little time in there as a rule.


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