Scientific vs Common Names

Tarantula Scientific and Common names listing

THIS PAGE IS CONSTANT WORK IN PROGRESS… Something that’s challenging for all of us at some stage or another, is knowing either the common or scientific names of the many tarantulas that are available in the world today.

It’s bad enough that scientists seem to have made an epic mess of the whole lot, but they still seem to be arguing and disagreeing on what the correct scientific names are for various species as names are still changing quite regularly, like the recent changes to Davus, Avicularia, Caribena and Ybyrapora species. It’s hard enough that these names are a mouthful to say, let alone remember, but it has an affect on the common names of certain species, effectively confusing the pawpaw out of everyone.

Below is a listing that we found online here. We will improve and make corrections to this list as necessary over time, and please by all means let us know if you have any updated info on any of these names or if you see any errors that may need correction.


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Acanthoscurria antillensisPink Patch Tarantula
Acanthoscurria atroxBrazilian Giant Black
Acanthoscurria chacoanaBolivian Red Rump
Acanthoscurria brockelhurstiGiant Black & White Banded
Acanthoscurria fractaPara Mongo Zebra
Acanthoscurria geniculataGiant White Knee
Acanthoscurria insubtilisBolivian White Knee
Acanthoscurria juruenicolaBrazilian Orange Banded
Acanthoscurria musculosaBrazilian Black Velvet
Acanthoscurria suinaRusty Brown Bird Eater
Acanthoscurria stenalisArgentina Black Rump
Aphonopelma anaxTexas Tan
Aphonopelma abberansCasablanca Chestnut
Aphonopelma armadaTexas Black Spot
Aphonopelma behleiGrand Canyon Black
Aphonopelma bicoloratumMexican Blood Leg
Aphonopelma buricaCosta Rican Chestnut Zebra Tarantula
Aphonopelma californicumCalifornia Ebony Tarantula
Aphonopelma canicepsMexican Orange Rump
Aphonopelma chacoanaBolivian Red Rump
Aphonopelma chalcodesDesert Blonde
Aphonopelma clarkiFort Worth Brown
Aphonopelma criniteMexican Green
Aphonopelma duplexUnknown
Aphonopelma eutylenumUnknown
Aphonopelma harlingenumHarlingen Chocolate Brown
Aphonopelma hentziOklahoma Brown
Aphonopelma heteropsTexas Brown
Aphonopelma iodiumWashington Rust
Aphonopelma iodiusFresno County Brown
Aphonopelma jungiRodeo Black
Aphonopelma moderatumRio Grande Gold
Aphonopelma MojaveMojave Desert Dwarf
Aphonopelma palomaPaloma Dwarf
Aphonopelma rusticumArizona Olive
Aphonopelma seemanniCosta Rican Zebra
Aphonopelma smithiBay Area Blonde
Aphonopelma steindachneriUnknown
Aphonopelma texenseRio Grande Copper
Aphonopelma vorhiesiTuscan Bronze
Aphonopelma wichitanumWichita Mountain Red
Avicularia aurantiacaYellow Banded Pink Toe
Avicularia aviculariaPink Toe
Avicularia azuraklaasiPowder Blue Pink Toe
Avicularia bicegoi / variegata (Amazonica)Brick Red Pink Toe
Avicularia bruanshauseniGoliath Pink Toe
Avicularia caesiaUnknown
Avicularia fasciculataAmazon Sapphire Pink Toe
Avicularia geroldiBrazil Pink Toe
Avicularia hurianaEcuadorian Pink Toe
Avicularia juruensisYellow Banded Pink Toe
Avicularia laetaPuerto Rican Pink Toe
Avicularia metallicaAmerican Pink Toe
Avicularia minatrixVenezuelan Red Stripe
Avicularia nigrotaeniataUnknown
Avicularia sp. PucallpaPucallpa Pink Toe
Avicularia pulchraUnknown
Avicularia purpureaPurple Pink Toe
Avicularia ulricheaPink Toe
Avicularia urticansGolden Pink Toe
Avicularia variegataBrick Red Pink Toe
Avicularia velutinaTrinidad Pink Toe
Avicularia versicolorAntilles Pink Toe
Bonnetina cyaneifemurMexican Blue Femur
Bonnetina rudloffiMichoacan Beauty
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl albopilosumCurly Hair
Brachypelma anithaMexican Giant Orange Knee
Brachypelma angustumGuatemalan Red Rump
Brachypelma auratumMexican Flame Knee
Brachypelma baumgarteniMexican Orange Beauty
Brachypelma boehmeiMexican Fire Leg
Brachypelma emiliaMexican Red Leg
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl epicureanumYucatan Rust Rump
Brachypelma fossoriumUnknown
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl kahlenbergiVeracruz Red Rump | Kahlenberg's Red R
Brachypelma klaasiMexican Pink
Brachypelma pallidumMexican Rose Grey
Brachypelma ruhnauiMexican Golden Red Rump
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl sabulosumGuatamalan Red Rump
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl schroederiMexican Black Velvet
Brachypelma smithiMexican Red Knee
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl vagansMexican Red Rump
Brachypelma / Tliltocatl verdeziMexican Rose Grey
Ceratogyrus bechuanicusCurved Horned Baboon
Ceratogyrus brachycephalusGreater Horned Tarantula
Ceratogyrus darlingiAfrican Horned Tarantula
Ceratogyrus marshalliStraight Horned Baboon
Ceratogyrus meridionalisZimbabwe Grey
Ceratogyrus sanderiSandy Horned Baboon
Chaetopelma olivaceumUnknown
Chaetpelma shabatiUnknown
Chilobrachys andersoniBurmese Mustard
Chilobrachys bicolorAsian Two Tone
Chilobrachys brevipesBurmese Olive
Chilobrachys burmensisBurmese Bird Eater
Chilobrachys dyscolusBurma Chocolate Brown
Chilobrachys fimbriatusIndian Violet
Chilobrachys 'gaungxenisis'Burmese Brown
Chilobrachys hauhiniThai Red
Chilobrachys sericeusCosta Rican Blue Front
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescensGreen Bottle Blue
Citharacanthus crinirufusCosta Rican Blue Front
Citharacanthus longipesUnknown
Citharacanthus spinicrusCuban Cinnamon
Citharischius crawshayiKing Baboon
Coremiocnemis validusSingapore Brown
Crassicrus lamanaiBelize Cinnamon
Cyriocosmus elegansTrinidad Dwarf Tiger Rump
Cyclosternum fasciatumCosta Rican Tiger Rump
Cyclosternum macropusUnknown
Cyclosternum pentaloreGuatemalan Tiger Rump
Cyriocosmus perezmilesiBolivian Dwarf Beauty
Cyclosternum schmardaeCosta Rican Green Rump
Cyriopagopus albostriatusMalayan Striped Leg
Cyriopagopus lividumCobalt Blue
Cyriopagopus longipesVietnamese Tiger Rump
Cyriopagopus minaxThailand Black / Big Black
Cyriopagopus paganusThai Tiger
Cyriopagopus thorelliMalaysian Earth Tiger
Cyriopagopus schioedteiMalaysian Earth Tiger
Cyrtopholis cursorPuerto Rico
Cyrtopholis portoricaePuerto Rican Pygmy
Davus fasciatusCosta Rican Tiger Rump
Davus pentalorisGuatemala Tiger Rump
Encyocratella olivaceaTanzanian Black & Olive
Ephebopus cyanognathusBlue Fang
Ephebopus murinusYellow Knee Skeleton
Ephebopus rufescensRed Skeleton
Ephebopus uatamanEmerald Skeleton
Euathlus pulcherrimaklaasiBlue Femur Beauty
Eucratoscelus longicepsAfrican Red Rump Tarantula
Eucratoscelus pachypusStout Legged Baboon
Eupalaestrus campestratusPink Zebra Beauty
Eupalaestrus weijenberghiWhite Collar
Euathlus pulcherrimaklassiGreen Femur Beauty
Euathlus speciesChilean Yellow Patch
Euathlus speciesVelvet Mountain Beauty
Grammostola actaeonGiant Brazilian Red Rump
Grammostola alticepsBrazilian Grey Smoke
Grammostola burzaquensisArgentinian Rose Tarantula
Grammostola chacothrixChile Blue
Grammostola grossaGiant Tawny Red
Grammostola iheringiEntre Rios
Grammostola mollicomaBrazilian Giant Tawny Red
Grammostola porterAtacama Chile Rose
Grammostola pulchraChile Black
Grammostola pulchripesChaco Golden Knee
Grammostola roseaChilean Rose
Grammostola vachoniUnknown
Hapalopus sp. ColombiaPumpkin Patch
Haplopelma aureopilosumAsian Black
Haplopelma schmidtiChinese Golden Earth Tiger
Haplotremus albipesUnknown
Harpactira atraGolden Baboon
Harpactira pulchripesGolden Blue Leg Baboon
Harpactira marksiElizabethfontein Baboon
Hemericius inflatusDwarf Bird Eater
Heteroscodra crassipesCameron Brown Tarantula
Heteroscodra maculataTogo Starburst Baboon
Heterothele gabonensisGabon Blue Dwarf Baboon
Heterothele villosellaTanzanian Chestnut
Holothele inceiTrinidad Olive
Holothele sanguinicepsTrinidad Pink
Holothele Sp. TachiraVenezuela Blue Leg
Holothele rondoniUnknown
Hysterocrates apostolicusCricket Legged Baboon
Hysterocrates crassipesCameroon Brown Baboon
Hysterocrates ederiGuinea Black Bird Eater
Hysterocrates gigasCameroon Red Baboon
Hysterocrates laticepsNigerian Rust Leg Tarantula
Hysterocrates HerculesHercules Baboon
Hysterocrates robustusUnknown
Hysterocrates scepticusSao Tome Giant Olive-Brown Baboon Tarantula
Idiothele miraBlue Foot Baboon
Iridopelma hirsutumAmazon Ribbed Tree Spider
Iridopelma zorodesBrazilian Purple Tarantula
Ischnocolus hancockiUnknown
Lampropelma nigerriumBorneo Black
Lampropelma violaceopesMalay Blue Femur
Lasiodora cristataWhite Striped Bird Eater
Lasiodora difficillisPaulo Fiery Red Rump
Lasiodora erthrocitharaUnknown
Lasiodora fractaDusky Black Bird Eater
Lasiodora itabunaeUnknown
Lasiodora klugiBahia Scarlet Bird Eater
Lasiodora parahybanaSalmon Pink Bird Eater
Lasiodora striatipesBahia Gray Bird Eater
Lasiodora striatusGoliath Stripe Leg
Lasiodorides polycuspulatusPeru Blonde
Lyrognathus giannisposatoiSumatran Stout Leg
Maraca horridAmazon Slender Leg
Megaphobema mesomelasCosta Rican Red Leg
Megaphobema peterklaasiCosta Rican Black Velvet
Megaphobema robustumGiant Columbian Red Leg
Megaphobema velvetosomaEcuadorian Brown Velvet Tarantula
Metriopelma zebrataCosta Rican Sun Tiger Tarantula
Nhandu carapoensisBrazilian Red
Nhandu chromatusBrazil Striped
Nhandu coloratovillosusBrazilian Black And White
Nhandu vulpinusBrazilian Giant Blonde
Ornithoctonus andersoniAsian Mahogany Tarantula
Ornithoctonus aureotibialisThailand Golden Fringe
Pachistopelma pulchraUnknown
Pamphobeteus antinousColombian Steely Blue Bird Eater
Pamphobeteus feroxUnknown
Pamphobeteus fortisColombian Giant Brown Bird Eater
Pamphobeteus insignisColombian Purple Bloom Tarantula
Pamphobeteus nigricolorGiant Blue Bloom Bird Eater
Pamphobeteus ornatusColombian Pink Bloom Tarantula
Pamphobeteus ulaltramarinusEcuadorian Bird Eater
Pamphobeteus vespertinusRed Bloom Bird Eater
Paraphysa parvulaChile Gold Burst
Paraphysa pigmeaChile Pygmy
Paraphysa scrofaChilean Copper
Phlogiellus inermisSingapore Brown
Phoneyusa celerieraeIvory Coast
Phormictopus antillensisUnknown
Phormictopus atrichromatisRed Island Bird Eater
Phormictopus auratusCuban Bronze
Phormictopus canceridesHaitian Brown
Phormictopus cubensisCuban Gold
Phormictopus nesiotesCuban Gold Bird Eater
Poecilotheria fasciataSri-Lanka Ornamental Tarantula
Poecilotheria formosaSalem Ornamental Tarantula
Poecilotheria metallicaGooty Sapphire Ornamental
Poecilotheria mirandaBengal Spotted Ornamental
Poecilotheria ornataFringed Ornamental Tarantula
Poecilotheria pederseniPederson's Ornamental
Poecilotheria regalisIndian Ornamental Tarantula
Poecilotheria rufilataRed Slate Ornamental Tarantula
Poecilotheria smithiYellow Backed Ornamental
Poecilothria straitaMysore Ornamental
Poecilotheria subfuscaIvory Ornamental Tarantula (Highland & Lowland)
Psalmopoeus cambridgeiTrinidad Chevron
Psalmopoeus irminiaVenezuelan Sun Tiger
Psalmopoeus pulcherPanama Blonde
Psalmopoeus reduncusCosta Rican Chevron
Pterinochilus hindeiTan Baboon
Pterinochilus chordatesKilimanjaro Baboon
Pterinochilus lugardiTanzanian Blonde Baboon
Pterinochilus murinusUsumbara Orange Baboon Tarantula / OBT
Pterinochilus widenmanniWidenmanni Baboon
Reversopelma petersiPeruvian Rusty
Selenocosmia arndstiNew Guinea Rust Orange
Selenocosmia crassipesQueensland Whistling/Barking Tarantula
Selenocosmia dichromataNew Guinea Black Femur
Selenocosmia javanensisJava Yellow Knee
Selenocosmia lanipesNew Guinea Brown Tarantula
Selenocosmia peerboomiPhilippine Grey Leg
Selenocosmia philippinusPhilippine Orange
Sericopelma melanotarsumCosta Rican Pink Footed
Selenocosmia sarinaQueensland Whistling/Barking Tarantula (Sister Species)
Sphaedrobathria hoffmanniCentral American Horned Bird Eater
Stichoplastoris lingistylusEl Salvador Fawn Bird Eater
Stromatopelma calceatumFeather Leg Baboon
Tapinauchenius cupreusViolet Tree Spider
Tapinauchenius elenaeEcuador Tree Spider
Tapinauchenius gigasOrange Tree Spider
Tapinauchenius plumipesTrinidad Mahogany Tarantula
Tapinauchenius purpureusPurple Tree Spider
Tapinauchenius subcaeruleusMetallic Tree Spider
Theraphosa apophysisPink Foot Goliath Bird Eater
Theraphosa blondiGoliath Bird Eater
Thrigmopoeus truculentusLesser Goa Mustard Tarantula
Thrixopelma pruriensPeruvian Green Velvet
Thrixopelma CyaneumCobalt Red Rump
Thrixopelma ockertiPeruvian Orange Rump
Vitalius bucherliUnknown
Vitalius paranaensisBrazilian Brown Bird Eater
Vitalius sorocabaeBrazilian Scarlet Bird Eater
Vitalius platyommaBrazilian Pink
Vitalius roseusGiant Pink Starburst
Xenesthis immanisColombian Lesser Black / Colombian Purple Bloom
Xenesthis intermediaAmazon Blue Bloom Tarantula