Avicularia sp. Pucallpa - Pucallpa Pink Toe / Mardi Gras Pink Toe - Mature Male - Copyright © Danny de Bruyne
New Arrivals

Avicularia sp. Pucallpa Available Now!

Avicularia sp. Pucallpa or as we like to call them, Mardi-Gras Pink Toes, are available now!

We had a huge stroke of luck this year. Two female Avicularia sp. Pucallpa females were loaned to us for breeding with our beautiful male. We got 2 egg sacs within a month! Sadly, one of the sacs was completely infertile, but the second one was a great success. We removed the egg sac immediately from this female and manually incubated the eggs from day 1. The sac was quite small and the final count of successfully hatched slings was 56. This was shared between MyMonsters and the kind gentleman that loaned us the female and now a limited amount (only 20) have been made available for sale at mymonsters.co.za

Extremely scarce, these docile and beautiful arboreal tarantulas are a bit more hardy than your average Pink Toes and have good survival rates, so it’s good to see a new hatch in South Africa. They love large wooden structure and create loads of awesome webbing as they build their vertical shelters.

Care notes for Avicularia sp. Pucallpa

Remember these important points to keep your Avicularia slings healthy.

  • Humidity around 60% to 80%
  • Temperature between 24°C and 28°C
  • Good cross-flow ventilation to ensure fresh air
  • A water dish at all times, even from sling size.
  • Once-weekly, light misting on one side of the enclosure.
  • Use feeders that can climb or ensure your pink to can easily find it’s prey
  • Feed once or twice a week, don’t overfeed.

Less is more, don’t love your tarantulas to death, but try find a nice balance for the environment in their enclosures.

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