Avicularia avicularia - Common Pink Toe - Mature Female - Copyright © Danny de Bruyne
New Arrivals News Update

Welcome to 2021! We’re Back!

Wishing the entire world a better new year! Lets hope that we can overcome this terrible virus that plagues our planet so we can get back to doing what we love with our loved ones!

Avicularia avicularia - Common Pink Toe - Mature Female - Copyright © Danny de Bruyne
Avicularia avicularia – Common Pink Toe – Mature Female

New in stock! We successfully bred two hatches of Avicularia avicularia and you will have seen our slings becoming available all around South Africa from other sellers by now, as of today, they are also available on MyMonsters.co.za and we are running a special offer if order 4 slings at a time. These tarantulas have been off the market for a while and we’re really happy to have brought them back for everyone to enjoy. 

We also have a few other interesting tarantulas in stock now, and MyMonsters is the best online tarantula shop to get them from!

Avicularia avicularia – Guyana Pink Toe

Psalmopoeus reduncus – Costa Rican Orange Mouth (adding soon)

Grammostola rosea (RCF) – Chilean Rose (Red)

Grammostola porteri (NCF) – Chilean Rose (Normal)

Chilobrachys sp. Vietnam Blue – Asian Blue Smokey

Heteroscodra maculata – Togo Starburst Baboon

And a few more…

Sadly the batch of Psalmopoeus victori – Darth Maul Tarantulas we were hoping to receive had some bad luck at the breeder and we never received them. Better luck next time. They would be amazing to see in our collections.

So, how are we doing?

MyMonsters.co.za is now one of the biggest and most visited websites in the world. Traffic from South Africa is only 3rd on the list, with most of our visitors being from the USA, Europe and the Philippines! Our site averages over 400,000 impressions and many thousands of hits/clicks a day. Meaning MyMonsters.co.za has become a trusted resource by thousands of people around the world. Our Tarantula Catalog now features 130 different species care guides with high quality images where possible of the Mature Female, Mature Male, Juvenile, Spiderling and even the spermatheca of females so you can identify yours a little easier. There is simply no other website in South Africa that was created by tarantula hobbyists for tarantula hobbyists and NONE of them offer as much useful information to make your tarantula keeping exploits as fun as possible – as MyMonsters.co.za! 




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