Stromatopelma calceatum
-Featherleg Baboon

Common names: Feather Leg Baboon Tarantula | Feather Leg Baboon

Adult Size: 14 to 16cm

Type: Old World, Arboreal

Growth Rate: Fast

Temperament: STRICTLY NOT FOR BEGINNERS. VERY Defensive & Aggressive

Lifespan: Females (12 to 15 years) | Males (3 to 4 years)

Recommended Climate: West African. 23-27°C (day), 20-22°C (night).

Recommended Humidity: 70-80%. During 4-5 consecutive months a year this may drop to 65-70%.

Basic Enclosure Requirements: Arboreal setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in vertical space, 5cm to 10cm of substrate, a vertical shelter like hollow cork bark or bamboo and a customary water dish.

Photo Credit:, Danny de Bruyne

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Scientific Name: Stromatopelma Calceatum

Common names: Feather Leg Baboon Tarantula | Featherleg Baboon

STRICTLY NOT FOR BEGINNERS. RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERT KEEPERS ONLY. This tarantula is lightning fast from sling to adult. This tarantula is known to be defensive and very aggressive if provoked and will gladly deliver some of it’s venom if asked nicely. No solid medical data has been collected regarding the effects of this tarantula’s venom on humans, but It’s venom is considered medically significant, causing intense pain and cramping later on.

So please take great care when working with the beautiful but serious monster that is the feather leg baboon tarantula. (They’re not really THAT bad, but we’re making sure anyone who considers keeping this species fully understands what they are working with.)



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