Lasiodorides polycuspulatus
– Peruvian Blonde

Adult Size: Females (12cm to 15cm), Males (12cm to 14cm)

Type: New World, Terrestrial

Growth Rate: Slow

Temperament: Calm but nervous

Lifespan: Females (25+ years) | Males (10-14 years)

Origin: Peru

Recommended Climate: 24-26°C (Summer), 18-24°C (Winter)

Recommended Humidity: 60-70%

Basic Enclosure Requirements: Terrestrial setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in horizontal space, 5cm to 10cm of substrate with a shelter and a water dish.

Photo Credit: Danny de Bruyne

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Scientific Name: Lasiodorides polycuspulatus

Common Names: Peruvian Blonde Tarantula

From our experience, this is a very docile species of Tarantula. A very unique combination of lighter tan and blonde hues over the body of this tarantula give it a very unique appearance. They are gorgeous to look at in person which is fortunately easy because this is a very terrestrial bound spider, quite happy to bask out in the open and commonly don’t have any extreme skittish or nervous behavior. Their lighter tan/blonde appearance is stunning in a well lit and well set-up vivarium.

In nature, this species is known to use a burrow so it’s a good idea to still provide a shelter or deep enough substrate for burrowing. But in captivity, they seem to realize they aren’t in any danger and their environments are controlled and way more gentle than where they originate so they are quite happy to relax out in the open. 

Easy to keep, even great for beginners, The Peruvian Blonde is a beautiful addition to any collection.