Grammostola Pulchra - Brazilian Plack - Mature Female - Copyright © Danny de Bruyne
New Arrivals

Grammostola pulchra available now!

January 2020 brings back one of the most docile and beautiful tarantulas in the hobby, Brazilian Black tarantula slings are finally available again. Go there now!

In a breeding loan between MyMonsters and a very successful young breeder from Pretoria, South Africa, a small sac was successfully hatched and we were able to get 20 healthy slings from it. The Brazilian Black tarantula is known to be a difficult customer when it come to breeding and this is why they are only available from time to time and their prices remain quite hefty.

Their beautiful black sheen and docile nature make them a fantastic addition to any collection, especially since they are not shy and are usually always out and about for the hobbyist to adore.

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