Black Friday Tarantula Specials!
News Update

Black Friday is upon us!

We have decided to lose money. Yup… a lot of it… We’ve created some crazy discounts just for Black Friday so if you are planning to buy any Christmas gifts… now is the time. Items have been marked down to ridiculous prices to make some big shiny smiles this Black Friday!

Check out the Black Friday section on the home page…

Stock has been limited and no collections are available for Black Friday.

SECURITY NOTE: There is an increased chance of scammers phishing for your credit card / banking / private info this Black Friday. So please always pay with your credit cards using OTP’s where possible and in the case of instant EFT’s, please NEVER enter your banking usernames or passwords into ANY instant EFT systems. Proper EFT payment systems (like PayFast) will request you to make a payment from your bank normally with a specific payment reference which you will supply them with in order to action payment. Keep your sensitive info SAFE this holiday season!

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