The Tarantula Gallery - Image Reference & Species Accounts - Volume 1
News Update

5 Stars for The Tarantula Gallery!

Internationally, South Africa’s first Tarantula Book is gathering great ratings and reviews via!

In June 2020, The Tarantula Gallery – Volume 1 was first released to the world and has slowly been gathering momentum on the international stage. Ratings are consistently in the 5 star department (check out some reviews here) and reviews from customers that have actually bought the book suggest that they are really enjoying it!

Support local and get your copy of the The Tarantula Gallery – Volume 1 asap!

We have already begun work on Volume 2, but we still need to photograph about 45 more species to complete it, this is the hardest part due to our limited access to all species available in the hobby, but we’ll keep at it until Volume 2 is done.

We will keep everyone posted!

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