Acanthoscurria geniculata - Giant White Knee - Mature Female - Copyright © Danny de Bruyne
New Arrivals

Acanthoscurria geniculata + new stock!

We’ve just received a fresh batch of slings in stock. We’re quite excited that among these new arrivals are Acanthoscurria geniculata – Giant White Knee slings, which haven’t been available for a little while now.

We’ve also re-added our Chilobrachys electric blue slings to the store at their current correct value in SA. There are a number of online stores/resellers dropping their prices, offering “specials” and destroying the value of these awesome tarantulas to make a quick buck. That’s not what we’re about.

Quite often you will see that our prices are not as low as other stores. We believe that all tarantulas, even the “cheap” ones, should hold decent value as this is good for the hobby in the long run. We’ll do our best to keep the values of tarantulas as high as possible and do our part to help keep our hobby healthy.



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