Monster Mix 1 Litre
Organic Substrate


This substrate is perfect for tarantula enclosures and all your living displays like vivariums, terrariums, paludariums etc.

We make up our own proprietary mix of soils and coco fiber to create what we call MonsterMix. Our mix of organic soils and coco fiber contain natural levels of nutrients and all the good stuff that comes from the earth, giving a great start to any living plants you might want to use in your enclosures. MonsterMix substrate breathes well but retains moisture well for it’s composition.

Substrate the MyMonsters way.

Weight: ±500grams

Dimensions: 8cm x 36cm

Volume: 1 Litre

Suitable Tank Sizes:

1L MonsterMix – Fills a 15cm x 15cm Enclosure with 10cm to 11cm of substrate

1L MonsterMix – Fills a 25cm x 25cm Enclosure with 3cm to 4cm of substrate

PLEASE NOTE: MonsterMix is made with various raw organic soils and components and thus may contain tiny creatures, fungus spores and all manner of bacteria commonly found in wild living soil. If you prefer inert medium with no additives, rather only use a coco peat brick thawed in water. MonsterMix is also prepared by hand and consistency of soil make-up may differ from batch to batch.

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