Lesser Mealworm Beetles
Alphitobius diaperinus


10 x Alphitobius diaperinus Beetles per starter colony

Great for roach bins or feeder colonies

These little beetles and lesser meal worm larvae are effective at consuming undigested food particles and even excrement created by feeder insects in feeder colony enclosures, tubs and bins.

They will also breed inside your feeder colonies starting with eggs which hatch in to lesser meal worm larvae, a tough little meal worm with strong jaws that can chew hard, so don’t feed them to smaller tarantulas. The worms make great feeders but only feed them to tarantulas that are at least double the length of the mealworm. Once they have grown past the meal worm stage, they will turn to pupa that will eventually hatch in to the adult beetle.

WARNING: Strictly keep them in your feeder enclosures. Don’t let them escape by making sure the sides of your feeder colony enclosures are solid plastic or glass which they can not climb – and not full of holes because the lesser meal worm larvae are quite thin and will escape through the holes.


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