Mature Female Neoholothele incei - Trinidad Olive - Copyright © Danny de Bruyne
New Arrivals

Neoholothele incei available now!

[Sold Out] Our hatch of adorable Neoholothele incei NCF slings are slowly becoming ready to find new homes. This was a mating between a Neoholothele incei Gold Colour Form (GCF) male and a Neoholothele incei Normal Colour Form (NCF) female. It seems that the female was not carrying the recessive GCF trait and all slings have come out in normal colour form, but means that future breeding of these slings with a GCF male or female will produce a percentage of normal and gold colour form in the same hatch. Quite exciting how genetics work.

For any that are concerned, they are the same species so this is not cross breeding at all. The gold colour form trait is a recessive trait that was discovered years ago in a breeding that happened in the USA which brought the gold colour form to the hobby. Breeding GCF with GCF will produce 100% GCF Slings. Breeding GCF with NCF will only produce gold slings if the NCF specimen also carries the recessive GCF trait. Otherwise all slings will still come out NCF.

Due to the small size of the egg sac we’ve only made 10 available for now. Don’t miss out, get yours before they run out.

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