Multi-T Enclosure S


Made by Tarantula enthusiasts, for Tarantula Enthusiasts. 

Multi-T tarantula enclosures by are nothing new on the block, multi-use enclosures have been around for quite some time, but we thought it’s time to start making our own. These tarantula tanks are suitable for any tarantulas type, new world, old world, arboreal, fossorial or terrestrial and look great when a few are stacked next to one another. These tarantula enclosures have a large air gap where the hinges are fitted to promote the intake of fresh air, then on the upper side panels, at least 10 small ventilation holes will promote the natural flow of air movement created by warmer air rising – keeping your tarantula enclosures ventilated at all times, but not too ventilated that your substrate dries out too quickly.

We also struggle terrible with broken glass when couriering glass tanks, so we’re not only hoping these classy looking enclosures will make it to their destinations in one piece, but will bring a touch of class to your collection shelf.

PLEASE NOTE: Made from Acrylic/PVC/Perspex and is prone to scratching. Clean gently and use Micro-Fibre cloth whenever possible during cleaning. Not made to fill with water.

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