Tarantula Tub Kit Medium


Slings growing too big for their small tubs? Bingo, we now have a clear medium size tub available.

Suitable for slings from 0.5cm up to 5cm (Max)

Stackable and these tubs have better clarity plastic than normal deli tubs.

This kit includes:

1 x Medium Deli Tub (10.5cm x 7.5cm)

1 x Bag of Substrate Mix

1 x Small Water Dish (Pill capsule with base and lid)

These medium tubs are great for housing slings that have outgrown smaller enclosures.

You can use the lid of the supplied pill capsule as a water dish for smaller slings and the base for larger slings or even juveniles.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not make ventilation holes in these tubs so you can make your own according to your requirements.

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