LED Zoom
Short Flashlight


The perfect companion during maintenance of your tarantula enclosures, vivariums, terrariums etc.

This little flashlight / torch packs a punch for it’s size and price. A sliding lens housing allows you to either focus the LED chip to output a high-intensity spotlight, or as a wide angled flood-type light. It has a short grip handle which makes it easy and light to use during your tasks. It even has a little tassle to hang it from when you need to pack it away.

Batteries: 3 x AAA (Not included) – 4.5v (Check out our batteries here)

Lens: Zoom type (Slides forward and backward for high power spot-zoom or wide angle flood)

Operation: Simple on/off push-button

Dimensions: 12.7cm x 3.5cm (Lens) / 3cm (Handle)

PLEASE NOTE: Ring colors may vary from the product photo.

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