Digital Temp Controller
STC1000 with Probe


The STC1000 has become a familiar partner to many hobbyists around the world.

A digital thermostat controller capable of controlling both heating and a cooling devices (optional) to maintain temps in your enclosures, breeding towers or even larger enclosures.

Once configured, the unit will automatically turn on heating or cooling devices (within the max usage guidelines) to ensure the environment in your set-ups stays exactly how you want it.

Great for building breeding chambers, hatcheries, incubators and other set-ups that require precise temperature control.

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Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat with Sensor/Probe


Switch the modes between cool and heat

Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value

Temperature calibration

Refrigerating control output delay protection

Alarm when the temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error

Specifications and size:

Front panel size: 75(L) x 34.5(W) (mm)

Mounting size: 71(L) x 29(W) mm

Sensor length: 1m (include the probe)

Product size: 75(L) x 34.5(W) x 85(D) mm

Technical Parameters:

Temperature measuring range: -50 – 99 degrees C

Resolution: 0.1 degrees C

Accuracy: +/- 1 degrees C (-50 – 70 degrees C)

Sensor error delay: 1 minute

Power supply: 220VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: – Sensor: NTC sensor (1PC)

Relay contact capacity: Cool 10A/250VAC; Heat 10A/250VAC

Ambient temperature: 0 – 60 degrees C

Storage temperature: -30 – 75 degrees C

Relative humidity: 20% – 85% (No condensate)

How to wire the STC1000

We found three different wiring/connection videos that might help you connect up your STC1000. REMEMBER, you don’t just connect your heating device wiring directly to the unit.