Blaptica dubia
-Orange Spotted Roach

Blaptica dubia is a fantastic feeder option for tarantulas and other insect-eating pets.

From nymph to adult they provide a large ratio of edible protein and nutrients for their size that are perfect to keep your tarantulas well fed.

Keeping your orange spotted roaches healthy and in good condition is easy, you can feed them carrots and most tropical fruit scraps. They also enjoy eating kitten kibble (preferably fish-based) which is cheap and easy to find and is packed with nutrients that your insect-eating pets will benefit from. You can also feed them with purpose made cricket or roach “chow” if you can find it. Don’t feed them too much, you don’t want uneaten food rotting and causing smelly problems in your roach bins. We also sell Lesser Mealworm – Alphitobius diaperinus cleaner crew bugs to help keep your roach bins clean and free of any uneaten or rotting material.

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